There will be a brief interruption in our weekly transmissions. We’re aboard a cruise ship in SE Asia which has almost no internet connectivity. We’re still producing our posts, but the next one will arrive on your in-box only after we are once again on land. Thanks for your understanding.

Roy and Joy

5 thoughts on “Intermission”

  1. Doesn’t seem like you are very committed to your fans, letting a little thing like a cruise get in the way of talking to us.

    Keep it up and I won’t buy your next album!

  2. We are on a cruise as well but we do have internet! Must be a much better cruise!!! (Wink Wink) We just went through the Panama Canal and learned so much about that history! We are heading to Grand Cayman today! I pray you are enjoying your cruise as much as we are enjoying ours! We love cruising!!! Safe travels and lots of love, Margie and Lou

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