We Return for Another Anglican Experience

Although we had such a positive experience with the congregation at St. George’s last Sunday, I thought we should visit an evangelical church this weekend. I discovered one on my morning walk. When we retired Saturday night, our plan was to visit this new church. But when we prepared for worship Sunday morning, there was no wavering. We would return to St. George’s for our last Sunday in Kendal.  It was one of our best Lake District decisions.

It was “All Age Worship” day. It could have been called Children’s Worship day. Midway through the hour

Symbols Enliven Anglican Service
Symbols Enliven Anglican Service



I whispered to Joy, “I have been   grinning this whole time.”




And I had. Eleven or twelve Brownies were with us; everything had been prepared with them in mind. Jesus’ stories of the Lost Coin and the Lost Sheep from Luke 15 provided the structure for the Lost and Found theme. Dramatic readings, children’s songs (which the adults also sang), brief homily that didn’t feel like one, prayers, even poppers (party favors) and chocolate coins—

Brownie Sunday at Anglican Church
Brownie Sunday at Anglican Church

everything was on theme. It was as far from a staid formal worship service as it could be. And it was fun!

At the coffee reception following the service we chatted with

One of Roy’s favorite people. Can you see why?
One of Roy’s favorite people. Can you see why?



Associate Priest Jean Radley,




a woman as impressive in quiet conversation as she is as the leader of this warm fellowship. She surprised with an invitation to dinner at her home one evening this week. We probably surprised her with our quick acceptance. We want to know her better.

This follows our meal with Andrew and Diane Knowles on Saturday. They picked us up and drove us to their favorite country pub, then followed that act of hospitality with tea in their home.

Having Tea at the Delightful Knowles Home
Having Tea at the delightful Knowles home



A more gracious couple we have never met.



Joy and Diane sometimes talked so enthusiastically about their mutual interests that Andrew and I had to have a separate conversation or simply go mute. We, also, had no trouble discovering many areas of shared enthusiasm. It was as if two long-separated brothers had just found each other. Which, theologically speaking, is was happened!

As we planned this Next Phase we are now in, Joy’s goal was to stay in one place long enough to get a taste of the local culture. We are doing that here, in the best possible way,

Retired Priest & Wife Diane & Andrew Knowles
Retired Priest & Wife
Diane & Andrew Knowles



being taught by those who live and work in a community they love. We could not feel more at home.

5 thoughts on “We Return for Another Anglican Experience”

  1. I really enjoyed your account of what must have been a very special morning.

    I cannot help but comment that since I’ve known you these many years, I have grown familiar with an overarching charateristic of your personal style evidenced by this experience with the Anglican congregation–you not only have the knack of finding the right friends, but what allows you to do so is your compelling gift of being the right friend.

    But please…dismiss all thoughts of traveling naked.

  2. I love your blogs! Not able to travel, you make us feel that we are traveling with you – learning so much from your descriptions and insights. What a clever idea to do this and share this gift with your friends! This is much better than sitting down and reading a book about your travels.

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