On Not Traveling Naked

That was the worry Jeff expressed in an email. Seems when we left Terrill’s house one of us (who shall remain anonymous) had left behind a baseball cap and ear buds. Knowing something of our propensity to forget things—which has nothing to do with old age—he wrote something like, “I hope you won’t end up traveling naked.”

His tender thought came back to us yesterday.

After congratulating ourselves that our trip from Mexico City to Manchester UK was so trouble-free, we ran into trouble.

Waiting for our first train in Manchester, England.
Waiting for train in Manchester   Note the gray bag on red suitcase.

Our train from Manchester into Oxenholme-Lake District, where we connected with another train for the four-minute ride into Kendal, arrived late. As a result there was a rush of passengers from our Edinburgh-bound Brit Rail to the Lake Windermere spur. We made it to our new train, which was being held for these late arrivals, in time—only to discover Joy had left her gray felt bag (in which she carried her computer) in the train we just left. She dashed back while I stood looking pitiful with our luggage, hoping the conductor wouldn’t leave without us.

She practically ran back—empty handed. She missed the train’s departure by seconds. Our next challenge was to force our computerless way onto the solidly stuffed train. We tried each door; people blocked every entrance. Then the conductor urged those in the aisle in the forward car to shove further in. That made just enough room in the doorway for us and our luggage. We had a similar experience many years ago in India, only in that instance there simply was no way to compact the passengers any closer.We had to take a taxi instead. We were grateful this time for Standing Room Only.

As I write this Joy is contacting Brit Rail. Turns out that we are not the first persons ever to leave something behind, so there are possible procedures to retrieve her bag and computer.

This trip has been a little less than perfect. The day before Joy’s camera died. (There may be a temporary shortage of pictures in Lawsons on the Loose for awhile.)

Footnote. Joy just asked me whether I’d like some popcorn before we turn in for the night. I don’t need any but will accept some, as a show of solidarity. Not to worry—turns out the popcorn was in the bag we left on the train. Forgetfulness can be good for the waistline.

5 thoughts on “On Not Traveling Naked”

  1. Oh man! So sorry, Joy! They will hold that computer for you, I’m sure! I left my beloved new digital camera on a bus in London (2002) and they sent it back to me at our Mesa address free of charge. Wanted to cry!

  2. On behalf of those of us reading this blog and looking at the pictures, thank you for not traveling naked! Hope you retrieve the computer!

  3. Just found your blog. George, JoAnn, Mark and I are enjoying it as we travel to meet granddaughter/niece for lunch. Loving our alternative to our typical pod casts. Pam

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