July 24, 2016 Welcome to Mexico City

Joy and I have been traveling together most for most of our long marriage—and almost from the beginning I have told myself to journal. “Otherwise you’ll forget too much,” I said to me. And then faithful didn’t journal. And forgot too much.

            So I promised this Next Phase would be different. And it has been. Since leaving the States July 24 I have written something every day. Most of it is pretty boring. Sometimes, though, I think you might be interested in what happened. So on this page I’ll reprint some of our experiences—or my thoughts about our experiences. In making these selections I’m aware of the many other adventures I could have included—but if I included them all, this would grow to be far too big.


We arrived in Mexico City slightly behind schedule, then sat on the tarmac for another half hour or so waiting for an open gate. We were delayed again, for the first time in years, because when we hit the customs button we got RED, so our luggage had to be searched—by a very friendly agent who, upon learning we were going to Puebla, called over a colleague from this town. We had a delightful chat with them, including a couple of “must see” recommendations, which of course I forgot soon after. They made our entry into the country a welcoming one. That was on top of the kind Mexican gentleman on the row behind us on the plane who leaned over our seats to help us fill out the entry card, which was in Spanish. A good beginning.

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