August 8, 2016 When the rains came down and the lights went off

(Written after a couple of days of hard rains—we didn’t realize when we signed up for this segment of our Next Phase that it’s the rainy season here.)

The rain started in late afternoon and kept on falling after we went to bed. Sometime during the night the storm stole our electricity. When we got up this AM, we had several puddles of water in the house and no lights. Biggest concern: the security gate which allows us into the long lane to the house from the street operates with electricity. Period.

Our casa entry gate
                     Our casa entry gate

There is no manual alternative. So not only are the bad people locked out, the “good” people are locked in. I began to check off the necessities if we were to be imprisoned here for a long time until the power was restored: water, yes; food, yes; candles—no; use of our computers, iPhones, iPad—no. (This last one caused a pause, since I don’t carry even a single book to read when otherwise bored, so once the battery in my e-reader is used up—well, I don’t even want to think about it!)  You see how it went. Another good example of the painful truth that the measures we take to protect ourselves and our goods also rob us of our own freedoms.

It didn’t last long. Within an hour after we rose the power returned. When Amada, the lovely Mexican maid who comes with the house, arrived promptly at 9:30 for her work day, I made a fool of myself trying to explain what had happened. Finally, with my trusty translation app (Google Translate) I patched together enough words—in undoubtedly the wrong gender, number, case, tense—that I think she understood I was telling her how the power went out and the rains came down.

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