August 16, 2016 A Day at the Market

Well, today was just plain fun. It didn’t turn out as we expected, but better. We walked to the town center, shopping bags in hand, because we thought the Tuesday farmer’s market was there. It wasn’t. We learned that the market, Tianguis del Martes, is situated out on the edge of town. We’d walked enough, so we taxied there. Acres of stalls—and not just fruits and vegetables but everything: shoes, underwear, outerwear, wooden furniture, tools, eateries, etc. And noisy! Piped-in music, hawkers, aisles crowded with good-natured and quite vocal shoppers. I think I counted only six other gringos. Buying our small items was a challenge, since we didn’t know the currency well and couldn’t understand the language. But all the vendors we dealt with were gracious and honest. If we had any doubts about what they were charging us, it was because the amounts seemed so small.

Joy wants you to know that we bought some prickly pear fruit and some pomegranate seeds—not her normal shopping list in America. And finally she was able to get some bulk popcorn (“Two kilos is a lot of popcorn!”) We ate lunch at a food stall. We ordered quesadillas. Joy insisted ‘no heat.’ Then, when they arrived she declared, “Pretty bland.” She has agreed that next time we can have “some heat.”

I should point out, by the way, that we don’t have a picture here of the market. That’s because Joy is our photographer, and in a market she’s too busy shopping to be bothered with recording the experience. So–no pictures. It’s a matter of priorities for her.

Velcro sons Brian and Mike arrive Saturday evening to spend a week with us. As much as I don’t like markets in general (because I’m afraid Joy will spend too much money, which she never does but I feel the necessity to worry anyway), I think we have to bring them back to this market so they’ll experience this nearly overwhelming taste of the real Mexico. And with Brian’s facility in Spanish, we might even understand what we’re doing.

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